Monday, June 15, 2009

How To Set Up An Anonymous Proxy For Iranians Using Squid on Mac OS X

Mirror of:
  1. Grab this Disk Image, and run the package inside it. It is not some kind of virus. It actually works, I promise.

  2. Look in your Applications folder for a folder called squid. Inside THAT folder, there is a folder called etc. Inside the etc folder, there is a file called squid.conf. Open it in your text editor of choice.

  3. To restrict access to people with Iranian IP addresses find line 1885, which should be blank. Copy/paste this code and put it all on that line: acl TRUSTED src

  4. Go to the next line, line 1887, which should say: http_access deny all and replace it with the following: http_access allow TRUSTED

  5. On line 705, change the line # cache_access_log /Applications/Squid/var/logs/access.log to cache_access_log none. This is what makes users ‘anonymous’.

  6. Open up your Terminal and type sudo /Applications/Squid/sbin/squid -z. Type in your password and hit return. It should give you some output. As long as it doesn’t say “error”, you are fine. If it gives you a “squid is already running” error, try sudo /Applications/Squid/sbin/squid -k reconfigure instead.

  7. Go to and get your IP Address. Note it down.

  8. Tell @austinheap on Twitter or via email the IP address you got in step 5. He’ll see that it gets to the right people. However else you want to publicize your IP is up to you.


  1. I don't think it will work anymore as the Iranian authorities have improved their national firewall

    (Anonymous Proxy)

  2. That's terribly too bad! I was actually in search of methods like this that you've mentioned and I thought it's still working. Do you know any other similar methods? Oh and by the way, you can also try IP Elk in checking your ip, better and more features to offer.